Hiring A DJ

The Many Benefits of Hiring a DJ

What is a Wedding DJ?

A wedding DJ, or disc jockey, is someone who provides music at nuptial ceremonies or receptions. With years of extensive industry experience, deejays usually have the latest in sound, lighting and music playing equipment. This includes digital turntables, along with mixers, soundboards, and extensive collections of music and songs from all styles and genres. If a DJ had to take a personality test, however, he or she would probably have different answers for all the questions. Deejays are unique and creative in their own nature, which is why they are among the top entertainers for all live events, social gatherings, proms, and much more.

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How can you ensure that a DJ is Right for your Wedding?

There are several ways to ensure a DJ is right for your wedding. For one, you must research his or her accomplishments in the industry. This can easily be done by accessing client testimonials and reviews online. Similarly, you can find out what types of music the DK specializes in? He or she must also have extensive play-lists, and be able to accept all music requests from wedding guests and family. Another important aspect to consider is if the DJ also provides karaoke services, along with bubble machine blowers, video screens, and anything you and your significant other need for your special day.

What Types of DJ's are there?

There are several types of disc jockeys in the industry. This includes radio DJ's who mainly spin music on commercial or independent stations. You then have mobile disc jockeys that travel from event to event and play recorded or live music. This includes weddings, receptions, proms, business functions and even team-building events. There are also specialized DJ's that only perform for setting types of events. This may include weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, house parties or lavish and elegant banquets. For your special day, you may fare better with someone that has experiencing in wedding and reception entertainment. No matter who you select, the following is also important:

- Make sure to inquire about wedding and reception discounts as most DJ's need your business and are willing to negotiate.

- Also ask about video screens, lighting, and live entertainment. Will your DJ provide party gifts and favors for your guests? Similarly, does he or she work for an entertainment company or is a contractor DJ for hire?

- Make sure your disc jockey has a wide selection of musical styles and genres to play. This may include Top 40, oldies, rock and roll, disco, new wave, house, club, freestyle, reggae, calypso, bhangra and international music if desired.

- Does your wedding DJ provide mobile services? How about any references or positive testimonials about his or her past services?

What are the Benefits of Using a DJ?

There are many benefit of using a DJ. For one, you can save money on hiring a live band for wedding reception entertainment. Second, DJ's can play a wide array of music, while personalized and customizing play-lists based on your needs. They can also help you and your significant other find the perfect wedding song to dance to and enjoy. Lastly, DJ's have all the latest equipment and always stay abreast of the current musical styles and trends.